ATTENTION: authors who aspire to create a global brand and achieve bestseller status In Record Time...

 ATTENTION: authors who aspire to create a global brand and achieve bestseller status In Record Time...

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 ATTENTION: authors who aspire to create a global brand and achieve bestseller status In Record Time...

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Why Publish A Book?

We've Been Called "The Entrepreneur's Publisher"Here's Why...

You're Probably Thinking...

"Why Would I Waste My Time Writing a Book?"

(And you'd be right to ask yourself that...if we were talking about the way 99% of authors write and publish a book.)

Because we are an independent publisher, we are free of the constraints and bureaucracy (and lack of intimacy) other authors lament with traditional publishers.

The Dark Secret about "Self-Publishing"...

Are you worried about spending countless hours writing and editing your book, only to find out that publishing just isn't the lucrative solution you thought it would be?

Many aspiring authors believe that self-publishing will save them money and give them complete creative control. 

However, the reality is that self-publishing can result in low sales, zero visibility, and a lack of credibility. Even worse, you could end up investing time, effort, and money into something that generates little to no income.

Here's the Truth...99% of Books Don't Make Money Because they're

poorly written and poorly marketed.

However, with Pierucci Publishing, we will find a way for your book to make a splash in your perfect market with results that range from product sale to high-ticket lead generation.
Our books are designed to set you apart as a thought leader while providing the world with something that is:

  • Time-Transcending

  • ​Imperishable

  • ​Impactful

Recent Bestsellers Include...

Unlock The Key To TV Media & Paid Speaking as a Bestselling Author

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Our Authors Are Constantly Getting Massive Press and Consistently Getting More Press Than They Can Keep Up With

Imagine having your name and book featured on prominent media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Forbes. 

Our authors have experienced this level of exposure and more, generating extensive buzz and skyrocketing their credibility and visibility.

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Welcome to Pierucci Publishing

Write Your Book, Become a Bestselling Author, & an Industry Leader

Our full-suite publishing team of book marketing experts will take care of you!

Why Don't Books Make Any Money?

Because they're poorly written and poorly marketed.

That's where Pierucci Publishing comes in.

And you can do All of this without doing any of that stuff you hate

We can already read your mind...and no, this does not require:

  • Spending 18 hours a day trying to grow an audience online

  • Hitting your head agains the computer out of "tech overwhelm" trying to set everything up

  • Feeling alone or isolated trying to stand out in a competitive industry

The Bottom Line is This...We are Committed to Writing and Publishing Books that Elevate World Consciousness Through:



Manuscript Consultations

Writer's Retreat

Re-launch Campaigns


Work-book Design

Book Sales Website

Pre-launch Marketing

12-month Book Marketing

Book Launch Events

PR Campaign

Lead Generation


Audiobook Services

Book Monetization Plan

Our Commitment is to Writing Books That Last!

If you've done your research, you've learned that in 99.998 percent of scenarios, books don't make much money.

However, with Pierucci Publishing, we will find a way for your book to make a splash in your perfect market with results that range from product sale to high-ticket lead generation.

Our books are designed to set you apart as a thought leader while providing the world with something that is:

  • Time Transcending

  • Imperishable

  • Impactful

...And Get Support from Famous Authors, Influencers, and Thought Leaders

We are honored to have our authors receive regular endorsements from famous figures and thought leaders who share our vision of elevating world consciousness through books. By choosing Pierucci Publishing, you are joining a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

See What Our Authors Have To Say

Get Discovered by Thousands: Podcasts Are Waiting For Your Story

Podcasts are an excellent way to expand your audience and promote your book to thousands of engaged listeners. As a leading publishing and marketing company, we have an extensive network of top-rated podcast hosts and producers. With our help, you can get booked on a variety of podcasts and reach new audiences across a range of topics.

Our team will work with you to identify the best podcast opportunities to match your book's themes and your brand's vision. We'll handle everything from initial outreach to follow-up, ensuring you get booked on the right shows and make a great impression on your audience.

Our unique approach to publishing and marketing has helped us achieve incredible success with our clients. From increased book sales to higher royalties, our authors have seen tangible results from working with us. See for yourself how Pierucci Publishing can help you achieve your goals as a bestselling author by watching this FREE video!

Here are just SOME of the titles we've produced that also garnered bestseller status...

Who knows? Our next bestseller could be you!

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Stephanie Pierucci

Stephanie Pierucci has worked in publishing since 2010 and celebrates writing two recent Wall Street Journal Bestsellers as well as nods from major news media for her guide to neuroplasticity and manifestation at Founder of Pierucci Publishing, Stephanie is a sought after writing guide and publishing coach to her authors as well as some of the world’s biggest names in medicine, technology, business, holistic wellness, and politics. 

She has been a professional writer and publisher since 2006. Stephanie lives in Aspen, Colorado with her son and enjoys trail running, hiking, rock climbing, practicing yoga, and camping in addition to local activism with her church, in local school boards, and with various medical freedom fighting organizations. 

If you're writing a book that you want to market intelligently, Stephanie's team is your perfect publishing partner.

Discover Our Proven 4-Step Blueprint To Turn You Into a Best-Selling Author and Global Brand

With Pierucci Publishing, allow us to guide you in a long-term approach to creating a book that is excellently-written, exceptionally-executed, and expertly-strategized for a larger brand and/or monetization strategy beyond book sales.

Stage One: Manuscript Development

This includes creating a page-turning manuscript that isn't the same rehashed Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar quotes everybody else uses.Our goal is to help you create a unique book that doesn't cast a wide net on a generic topic, but focuses on a specific phenomenon. Think: Atomic Habits (James Clear), Blink (Malcolm Gladwell), or Mastery (Robert Greene).We'll make sure that if you have autobiographical elements to propel your larger message or theory, that the book reads in a sophisticated way, more like a business book than a memoir.If you have a manuscript already coming in, we'll work with a Book Business Consultant and Copy Editing team to make that book pop, rendering it timeless and profitable as a tool in your business.

Stage Two: Pre-Launch

Once your book is edited and ready for publishing, we'll work with you to get support through strategic and affiliate partners for your One Million Impressions Launch.When your book receives a million warm impressions, you're likely to hit at least one bestseller list.We will work in Stage Two on your:- Audiobook- Book Website for Lead Generation, Email Capture, and Upsells or Bookings to your business- Podcast or PR Tour​- SPAS System Lead Generation, List-Building, Email Capture and Appointment Setting through Social Media Relationship Marketing

Stage Three: Launch / Publishing

We'll help you launch your book with a bang, be it an event or a Ted Talk; dream big about how you want to announce your book to the world.In this stage your book will have global distribution and we'll tether your book launch to an event that propels your message or tool in an elegant way.

Stage Four: Marketing / Book Launch

Use our team to continue marketing your book over time with excellent content and engagement on your social profiles as well as continued Business Support as your brand and offerings elevate through your new status as a Bestselling Author.Don't let your book and blessing disappear into the wind like so many other books do after launch.We trust that with Pierucci Publishing, your book will survive and gain traction year after year, for decades after publishing.Apply here and let us know which Stage you're in so that we can partner with you on your timeless, imperishable, and impactful book.



The power of books is undeniable - they can bring us together, instill us with values and inspire us to cultivate change. Being a part of the movement to elevate global consciousness through books can give you the chance to ignite this influence in your own life and the lives of others around the world. Make this moment count by joining the movement and unlocking true potential – yours and the world’s. Discover how this happens for ordinary people around the world like clockwork with our proven process...all revealed in this FREE video!