Your story may be somebody else's survival guide...

Discover how to take your story and turn it into a blessing, an income stream, and a bestselling book in just 90 days...

Presented by: Stephanie Pierucci
Two-time Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Stephanie Pierucci shares with you the secrets she's learned in 13 years of publishing, having written over fifty books and published scores of bestsellers with international clients and world-renown influencers and thought leaders. Founder and CEO of Pierucci Publishing, Stephanie looks forward to enlightening the next wave of leaders in intelligently producing and thoughtfully marketing books that will elevate world consciousness.

THIS Is Your Chance To Have A Wall Street Journal Bestselling Writer Guide You In Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Bestselling Book

How Fascinating People Like You (finally) Write A Book So That You Can Command Authority In Your World As A Published Author

Start A Movement With Your Message

Whether you have a story of overcoming trauma...

... a new technology ready to unveil to the world...

... or even your startup story...

You have a message that somebody else needs to read.

I believe it's your sacred calling to turn that message into a movement that spreads to millions.

You may think that writing a book will take years, even a lifetime.

But I vehemently disagree. 

Over the past thirteen years, I've had the honor of writing over 50 books including courses, workbooks, financial tools, memoirs, books on technology, and, of course, two Wall Street Journal Bestsellers... 

just last year.

What’s more, know that it’s GOOD to make money on your book. 

 In fact, Mother Teresa made over $100 Million from her 30 books.

Picture a person whose life will be changed by your book.

Chances are that if you can envision one person who will benefit from your story, there are millions more.

Books Give You The "Million Dollar Brand"

Think writing and publishing a book will cost tens of thousands of dollars? 
Thankfully, with my thirteen years of experience, I've learned the tricks to help you write a bestseller for a fraction of what vanity publishers cost.

Best of all, you don't have to furnish an 80-page proposal and surrender to the beck and call of a Book Agent. 

With the Write A Bestseller In 90 Days course, I'll teach you how men and women from all walks of life have turned techniques, guides, autobiographies, how-to's, and formulas into books that elevate their brands. 

Your book is the most valuable tool to help you gain credibility and authority on the planet.
It opens doors for: 

✅  Paid Speaking

✅  Podcast Guesting

✅ High Ticket Client Acquisition

✅  TV/Media/Radio Appearances

✅ Motion Picture or Series Development 

✅  ... and that all-to appealing ego boost that comes from saying,
"I'm A Bestselling Author."

There's nothing that commands so much attention and admiration as showing the world that you aren't just the expert in your field, but that you took the time to gift the world with a book about it. In fact, without a book, it's much harder for potential clients to find you and hire you or invest in your company or business.

It provides the "proof" that you're the real deal.

What Will I Learn In The 90-Day Course?

With the economy putting many business owners in an unenviable position of both tightening purse strings as well as needing to grow and expand their offerings and personal brands, I've decided to offer my coveted Write A Book In 90 Days Training LIVE for the first time in three years.

In this 90-day course you will work LIVE on Zoom with me personally.

I'll share with you my TOP SECRETS to writing your book with ease in just ninety days.

I'll teach you how to make that book a page-turner and give you a no-cost organic (read: way to not only become a bestseller, but to dramatically increase the eyeballs on your brand or business.

In the past year alone I've written two Wall Street Journal Bestselling books and worked with some of the world's biggest influencers and thought leaders.

And now I'm giving you all my secrets.

This is NOT a pre-recorded training.

It's critical that you get the space to ask questions that are unique to your genius, and to have a true expert answer them in real time.

Together, here is just a fraction of what we'll learn:

✅ How To Write a Book In 90 Days or Less⁣ (10 Places You Never Thought To Look For Material)

✅ How To Tether Your Book To A Strategic Business Plan⁣⁣

✅  How To Get Your Network Excited About Writing Chapters For You

✅  How To Use AI, and How NOT To Use AI in Your Book

✅ How To Engage Experts And Influencers In Your Mission ⁣

✅ BONUS: How To Create Beautiful Book Covers, Graphic Design, Social Media Content


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